Over the past year or so I have been watching more Jeopardy after work, often times while I am completing making dinner. I will admit most of the time I only know 3 or 4 of the questions correctly, unless there is a sports or entertainment category.

Recently, I stumbled on a website with Jeopardy questions, categories, and players all archived from years and years ago. After messing around I found out that 3 Jeopardy players have come from Missoula with all of them being contestants within the past 10 years.

On season 24, on February 28th of 2008 there was Reynard Regenstreif-Harms a student from Missoula, MT. On season 26, taking place on November 27th of 2009 there was Kelly Garza a training specialist originally from Missoula, MT. And again on season 26, January 12th of 2010, Jennie Burroughs a college librarian from Missoula, MT was playing Jeopardy!

There have also been 11 different questions regarding Missoula that have made it onto the Jeopardy show, which you can see on that website here. I know that I will probably never get invited onto the actual show but pretty cool that there is such a strong local connection with the show and where we live.

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