In Montana we are surrounded by beautiful terrain. We have amazing mountain ranges, beautiful flowing rivers, and some of the most spectacular State Parks in the US. Everyone knows about Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks but there is one State Park that often gets over looked. The Sluice Boxes State Park is located in the the Little Belt Mountains about 37 miles south of Great Falls. I just stumbled across information on the park thanks to

Photo courtesy of FWP Montana via
Photo courtesy of FWP Montana via

This slice of heaven has beautiful cliffs and steep canyons, and is right around 1,450 acres in size. You do have to have a Backcountry Campsite Permit to camp there, but after setting up your camp you will have plenty of things to explore while visiting the park.

I always love finding new places that I didn't know about and exploring to see all that they offer.


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