The clock runs out, the confetti flies, Tom Brady looks into the camera and says "I'm going to Disney World".........that's how things will play out on Sunday based on Sid the wolverine's pick to win the Super Bowl. This morning, ZooMontana held their yearly event where an animal prognosticator chooses the victor for the biggest game of the year. If you haven't been able to decide which way to place your wager - the smart money.....err.....the wolverine says to go big on the Bucs!

Then again, do you take the word of a rookie picker? After all, this is Sid's first time picking on the big stage, and that's a lot of pressure. You might remember Ozzy the grizzly bear had been tasked with making the yearly picks for the big game in previous years. It turns out that Ozzy has become a bit of a hermit these days and gave up his duties after a successful 6-2 career of picking winners. Ozzy missed on last year's game when he picked the 49ers to beat the Chiefs. And I'm sure he would like a redo from when he picked the Broncos to beat the Seahawks in 2014 - because that was just a foolish selection. (**It should be noted this author is a major Seahawks fan**)

For this year's pick, Sid was given the choice between two pate cakes covered in whip cream with each team's logo presented on one of the treats. He went straight for the cake with the Buccaneers logo. In this Missoulian article the executive director of Zoo Montana says Sid "came out quicker than I've ever seen him come out."

There you have it - a foolproof pick that should net you a little cash when you're making your bets for Super Bowl LV. The zoo says they hope Sid will do the picking for years to come with the big game. We'll find out on Sunday night if he'll start his career with a win or a loss.

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