Look, I've only been in Montana for a short time. But it's been long enough where I can be outraged that we didn't make the cut for this national list ranking the Best Coffee Cities in America.

Take a look at the list. Not a single city in Montana is on there. There's a hundred slots on there, and we didn't even get one! And that's bizarre to me, because Montana is home to a ton of big coffee names like Big Creek Coffee, Rock Creek Coffee Roasters, Montana Coffee Traders... the list goes on.

Number one on the list is New York City, which sure, that makes sense. And number two is Seattle, which is where Starbucks is from so of course they made it. But you get further down the list and it makes less sense. What does Hialeah, Florida have in its coffee that Missoula doesn't?

Do you have a favorite coffee spot in Montana you want to champion? Do you think we deserve some spot on the list? Let us know!

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