Jeff Kendall-Weed is a YouTube personality who makes videos about mountain biking - testing different bikes, showing off different skills, that kind of thing. Every once in a while, he makes a video in a series called "Local Loam," where he highlights local advocacy groups in different towns and cities working to create better mountain biking trails for the community. And guess where his latest video took him?

If you guessed Missoula, well hey, you're right! Missoula is an awesome biking town, and the new video shines a spotlight on MTB Missoula, a local organization working to build better trails for the city.

Now, the video was actually shot back in 2019, but it took them roughly 2 years to finally finish editing it. In the video, Kendall-Weed talks to employees of MTB Missoula and rides the trails himself - it's a pretty cool watch, especially since he mentions this is when he was riding shortly after he had broken his pelvis.

The video's a little over 10 minutes long, but Kendall-Weed goes into more depth about his experience in Missoula over at this blog post, which features a ton of great action shots of him riding his bike on the Missoula trails.

Are you a biker? Have you found that Missoula is a good spot for mountain biking? The people in the comments of the video seem to think so, with one person commenting that visiting has now been added to their bucket list.

At the very least, seeing all that nice weather really made me want to spend some more time in the outdoors, especially after being stuck in the house all winter/all of 2020.

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