Isn't it crazy to think how much more we've relied on the internet over the past year? I mean, sure, before 2020, it was already a major part of everyone's lives and basically a necessity for work or school. But now? With everything being done online thanks to the ongoing pandemic, it's more essential than ever before.

Which is why the Missoula Public Library is looking to help out. Thanks to donations from Verizon and T-Mobile, plus some additional funding, they're now offering over 100 mobile wi-fi hotspots that are available for check out.

That's pretty awesome - you'll be able to check out a hotspot for 2 weeks, though you won't be able to renew it once you're done with it. This could be a great resource for a lot of different people, especially for kids who need the internet to access their school Zoom calls.

The Missoula Public Library has been in the process of moving into their new building across the street from the old one this summer, and recently sold off a lot of the stuff in the old building as a result. I'm sure moving an entire library's worth of stuff in the middle of a pandemic is a daunting task, but I'm glad they were able to go ahead and move forward with it. Hopefully, soon they'll be able to get back to holding events for kids and other fun activities for the community.

Will you be utilizing the Missoula Public Library's new service of offering wi-fi hotspots?

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