It is the time of year when we all embrace the scary and macabre. It is the time of year when we embrace fear for enjoyment. Dressing up as spooky characters, decorating our homes to resemble haunted graveyards or something straight out of a horror movie. But, when it comes to REAL fear, what do Montanans fear the most? Is it grizzly bears? Is it the thought of Yellowstone erupting? Is it being overrun by a crazed religious cult? No! Montana's biggest fear is actually a little more classic than you would think.

According to

A new survey published by security company ADT has found that anthropophobia, or the fear of people, has so far been America’s most searched-for phobia.

Anthropophobia accounted for 22% of all phobias that people searched for online. Searches for this term peaked between April 19–25 of 2020, in parallel with the expanding COVID-19 pandemic.

We saw how the pandemic caused people to start fearing other people. I noticed that crazy look in people's eyes as they were frantically going up and down the grocery aisles panic buying. It is enough to make you skip the toilet paper aisle and go straight to the hardware aisle for home defense projects.

But, since Montana is one of the least densely populated states in the country, athrophobia isn't much of an issue. So what do we fear in Montana?

According to the survey from ADT, Montana and New Hampshire both fear CLOWNS over anything else.


Sleep tight tonight Montana!

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