The national park tourism crush is definitely underway in Montana.

Unfortunately, a few tourism crashes helped grind visitations to a halt this past week in one of the parks. But, it is a relief that there were no fatalities.


The visitation count only increases from here for the next few months. And while May, 2024 was not a record for that month, there were still plenty of tourists to go around. Using last year as a comparison, it does not appear popularity is waning.Yellowstone National Park officials report hosting 522,450 recreation visits in May, up 15% from May of 2023 (454,262 recreation visits).

So far in 2024, the park has hosted 719,127 recreation visits, up 11% from 2023 (644,979).  Summer is Yellowstone’s busiest season and millions of people visit the park now through August. If you plan to travel to Yellowstone this summer, plan ahead.
Image courtesy of Getty Images, John Morrison
Image courtesy of Getty Images, John Morrison


Multiple car accidents on Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park caused congestion or blocked traffic entirely on Wednesday night. Authorities report two separate accidents slowed traffic at the park entrance and at the "Loop.” An accident halfway between the Loop and the west tunnel occurred when a vehicle swerved to miss another vehicle that crossed over the yellow line, causing the first vehicle to hit a rock out-cropping and disabling the vehicle. At about the same time, two vehicles collided while merging from two lanes at the park entrance.

Only a couple of hours later, a third accident leaving one vehicle on fire happened  two miles east of the Apgar campground area. A man reportedly fell asleep at the wheel. The car hit a tree and then started on fire. The driver and passenger were able to get out of the car on their own. The passenger was sent by ambulance to Logan Health in Whitefish to determine extent of injuries.

The fire left about a 400-squre-foot burn scar that appeared potentially much worse, had it not been for Martin City and Hungry Horse Fire Department personnel arriving in a timely manner.
Expect magnificent memories, but always anticipate danger when you are sharing Montana's national park roads with thousands of others.

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