It sounds like a good news/getting better news scenario for Yellowstone National Park.

While spring 2020 tourism numbers might be down compared to 2019, it would be very surprising not to see a major uptrend. And the park is pleased with the results of their coronavirus testing among employees.

For the third week in a row after conducting COVID-19 surveillance testing on Yellowstone employees, all tests came back negative. On June 10, health officials from Park County, Montana, tested 165 employees from the National Park Service and concession companies operating in the park. This brings the total number of employee tests completed in the past 17 days to 387. Moving forward, the park will continue to test employees in partnership with both Montana and Wyoming.

This surveillance testing will continue throughout the summer and target employees who are first responders and/or work directly with the public.

There was one indirect exception to all tests coming back negative. A contractor working on a construction project in the park tested positive. The individual reported symptoms at the job site, was isolated, and tested outside of the park. The individual does not live in the park. Contact tracing is being conducted by health officials, who at this point have not identified any close contacts with park employees or visitors. This individual was not tested as part of the Yellowstone employee surveillance testing program. The individual’s privacy will be protected, and no further details will be provided.

Visitation Statistics for June 11-16, 2020


2020 = 39,361     2019 = 52, 320 (A decrease of 25%)


2020 = 26,269     2019 = 37,256 (A decrease of 29%)


2020 = 13,092     2019 = 15,064 (A decrease of 13%)


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