Get real real real close dear. Take a picture and then just calmly walk away, because they can't run, you know.

Okay, maybe that wasn't exactly the scenario. But if you haven't grown tired of stupid tourist in national park stories yet this summer, here's one more you can tell over cold beers this evening.

Apparently a trail runner in Yellowstone National Park, who knows a thing or two about wildlife, comes up on a woman getting disturbingly close to a bison, probably for the usual reasons, you know: take a selfie, give it a hug, see if wants to ride in the back of the SUV, whatever. The fellow advises her that she was too close, considering bison can run at 30 miles per hour, if not faster at times.

The woman's response? "That's fake news." Now, that's pretty much where our sources ended the story, so we don't know if there was a confrontation or not. But we have not received any reports of a woman being run down by a fake-news bison. Lucky her.


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