For those of you who really love to plan your vacations way way way way in advance, this might be just the ticket.

When you make your living through advertising like I do, it's hard not to respect such an amusing, eye-catching promotion. And while you'll never be able to use this, (at least we don't think you will), you can leave something incredibly endearing for your descendants.

Yellowstone National Park has come up with another way to increase awareness that 2022 is the 150th anniversary of the park. With tourism numbers already off the charts, it's logical to assume that commemorating such a milestone year will only enhance interest in visiting.

So, possibly too crowded for you this year? No worries. Check your social calendar 150 years down the road and see what might work for you.

That's right, as part of the 150-year celebration, Associated Press tells us that the Yellowstone National Park marketing team is looking for $1,500 donations in exchange for an annual entry pass that can be used by countless descendants of the donor, to be able to visit the park 150 years from now.

The promotion is known as "Yellowstone Forever."  They will use the money raised through the sale of Inheritance Passes to support numerous park projects now. It's the organizers' way of asking you to help preserve the park for another 150 years. You will receive a beautiful commemorative pass that will include your family's name and is indeed valid for entry into the park in 2172.

Oh, and if it helps you make your decision, those who donate also receive an entry pass to Yellowstone National Park that is valid this year.

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