In a pretty bummer year that was 2020, we found some enjoyment in Yellowstone being filmed around Darby, Hamilton, and Missoula. It was pretty cool to have the show be local, have the chance to apply as an extra on the show, and try and catch a glimpse of Kevin Costner and the gang as they filmed around the area. We thought the new season of Yellowstone was wrapped and ready to roll. But over the last two weeks, the Facebook page the show uses to book extras has been looking for locals. It seems the snowy weather moved in a bit too sudden last fall and they weren't able to quite finish all the scenes that needed to be shot.

I've given in to the reality that hitting it big as an actor might not be in the cards for me. But I did see something today that gives me hope that I could still run off and pay the bills in Hollywood! Maybe it's not about talent - maybe I just need the right kind of vehicle.

This is a bit different than what the gang at Yellowstone has been looking for when they've posted about extras being needed. A post on Facebook today shows that Yellowstone will pay you $400 to use your vehicle over the course of 4 days. Of course, you have to have the right kind of vehicle that they're looking for. And there's the option to just lend your vehicle or to also be involved as background fill for some scenes.

Here's part of the post that describes what the show is looking for:

"Need Prius, fiat, VW(not vans) smart car,Volkswagen thing, and small trucks. Can be older cars, or newer cars. Your car/truck would need to be dropped off on Wednesday and picked up on saturday in Hamilton. Essentially renting your car for 4 days. $400.00 for the 4 day rental. If you are booked already or not and want to work as bg you can.

so submit a photo of your car year color make and yourself if you would like to be booked as bg for the 10th &11th. If already booked and can do this submit your car and say already booked.

Dropping off your vehicle, picking it back up, and pocketing $400.....not too shabby. Of course Uncle Sam will take his cut.....but it still seems like a pretty cool deal if you have a vehicle that would work for the scenes they're shooting!

Get the complete details and see how to submit your information HERE.

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