COVID 19 has presented many challenges for all of us in 2020. The National Parks Service has been diligent about testing of park employees and maintaining social distancing. And Yellowstone National Park is open for tourists to visit this summer. But, while we practice social distancing from other humans, why do people not distance themselves from the park's animal population?

Every year we preach the lesson of NOT interfering with WILDLIFE in Yellowstone National Park. It is NOT a drive thru safari, these are WILD animals. Tourists tend to lend a deaf ear to our warnings, and continue to get dangerously close to the animals in the park.

One of last year's installments of YNP injuries, a 9 year old girl fell victim to a Bull Bison. The situation occurred near Old Faithful. According to the press release from Park Officials, "a group of approximately 50 people stood within five to 10 feet of the bison for at least 20 minutes before the bison eventually charged." 

A 9 year old girl from Florida was in the bull's path and was launched into the air by the annoyed bison. Thankfully she only had minor injuries, as the encounter could have easily been deadly.

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