With the annual 4H/FFA livestock auction at the Western Montana Fair on Saturday morning, I guess cows are on my mind. And in my nostrils.

So let's hear it for 16 good bovine Samaritans who assisted police in their apprehension of a suspect who was on the lamb, uh....lam. AP tells us that the small herd near Sanford, Florida, helped corral a woman who was trying to resist arrest after she bailed out of a car that had crashed and then ran through their pasture.

Authorities were closing in, but the cows made life easier for them by following the woman to the point that she only had one way to go. That was up against a fence where the police were waiting for her.

So great work, you moo-nificent crime fighters! To add further insult to it all, I betcha the suspect will need new shoes.





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