I know for certain that Santa Claus is real, but one substitute teacher decided to tell her class otherwise.

Parents in a Massachusetts school district are upset, after a substitute teacher told young students that Santa Claus does not exist. Parents claim many of the 26 students in the class went home in tears, asking their parents about the teacher's comments. One parent asked: "Who are they letting through, and what do they know about these people that they're putting with our children for the day? I just want to know why - what could possibly have been going through her mind to come out with a statement like that?"

The school has taken swift action. "I was appalled to learn a substitute would purposely talk to students about the existence of Santa Claus," wrote one administrator. The school has promised that the substitute will no longer be allowed to teach in the school.

The worst part is the teacher was wrong, we all know Santa is real!


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