Teachers have some HARD jobs! I'm not sure I understood exactly how much time and effort (and your own $$) went into being a teacher until my wife got her first teaching job and started molding the minds of America's youth. With my wife being a teacher for years, I always like to see stories where someone is recognized for the joy they bring to the school day. And I think we can all probably look back and remember that one teacher, lunch lady, office employee, or principal that stood out for making school days memorable.

I saw a post on Facebook today - and I'm going to assume Katie Houston is that person (or one of many) at Florence-Carlton School that students will remember years from now. Katie is a paraeducator that spends the day working with 6th graders - which is reason enough for us to show her some love - but she also turns crosswalk duties into quite the event for Florence-Carlton students on Fridays. And she's looking to add to her options when it comes to costumes for the upcoming school year.

Photo: Katie Houston
Photo: Katie Houston

Katie posted the above picture to Facebook and included the following:
"I work at Florence-Carlton School. Every Friday I wear a costume on my crosswalk to bring a little happiness to the kids before they leave for the weekend. I am looking for costume donations, cheap costumes, or even people willing to donate to me to buy costumes. It’s so much fun and hopefully brings a little joy and laughter to Florence-Carlton School. I am willing to pick-up, look at what you’ve got, or give you my Venmo. Thank you!! This is going to be a great school year."

How awesome is that!? And how great are those costumes that she's already donned for duty? Katie loves her job and says, "making my community smile is everything." Her post even caught the attention of Wake Up Montana and they did a segment about her quest to add costumes to her collection. She says, "I was just looking for a few donations or costumes. I'm overwhelmed."

Do you have anything that might work for Katie to use on a Friday during the upcoming year? If you can raid your closet, garage, or storage unit for any costumes from the past - this would be a great way to clear some clutter and help her wardrobe options grow.

If you want to donate a costume:
Phone - 406-880-3150
* $$ via Venmo- @Katie-Houston-30
* Email - houstonk@florence.k12.mt.us

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