Spring is here and the nice weather has finally arrived. Well, sort of. It seems like for every two days of beautiful, warm, sunny weather, we've been getting a day where the temperature suddenly drops 30 degrees and we're dealing with high-level winds and rain. I woke up this morning after a weekend that was approaching temperatures in the 70s and had to clear snow off my car.

But that should pass soon - according to weather experts, that was the last gasp of winter - and I know plenty of people are ready to get outside and get active again. And Women Bike Missoula is getting ready to celebrate the season, along with their 7th birthday, on a ride that's scheduled for Wednesday, April 28th.

All women are welcome to join for a 10-mile ride that'll take you through several of Missoula's biking paths, starting at the trail circle where the Milwaukee Trail meets the Bitterroot Trail, and they'll be making a stop at the Trough Cafe for some light dinner.

Missoula is an incredible town for biking, with all kinds of different trails to explore, so this should be a lot of fun. It's free to ride along and the trip kicks off at 5:30.

Think you'll be checking out the birthday ride with Women Bike Missoula? If you need more info, it's available at their Facebook event page. And you can follow Women Bike Missoula on their own Facebook page for details on any future events that they organize.

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