Just yesterday I spent part of my day writing an article about a wolverine that was spotted as part of a sightseeing tour taking place in Yellowstone National Park. I'll readily admit I don't know much about wolverines but the story caught my attention because the headline said it was a "rare sighting." So I had to chuckle a bit when today, ONE DAY LATER, I saw another story about somebody else in Montana seeing one running down the road as they were out driving.

Reading the story out of Yellowstone, I was shocked that there were so few (estimated to be around 6) wolverines that can be found in the park at any given time. It was even crazier to read that only one documented photograph of a wolverine in the park exists from decades ago. That just seems so crazy! I definitely didn't know that the animals were so elusive and that sightings were so uncommon.

Back-to-back days?

The latest sighting (in the video above) happened in Lewiston and it's pretty similar to the video I shared yesterday. They both feature a wolverine in the road, the occupants of a vehicle pretty much drive up to discover the animal, and they're able to get some decent footage. Although, the wolverine in Yellowstone wasn't in quite the hurry that the one in today's video was. The latest sighting was from Nick Nowak and a KPAX story says he was on his way to work when he saw the wolverine making its way down the snowy road.

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How cool is it to see stories of wolverines in the wild on back-to-back days? But if I see a third one tomorrow I'm going to seriously think that somebody is pranking me!

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