We all are binge watching something aren't we? They have found out each states most streamed show every year, what are we binge-watching the most this year...

Now this is for 2016 and as the year end is coming near we shall find out what we have loved more for 2017 if it has changed. According to highspeedinternet.com Montanans are fans of "Peaky Blinders". The British crime drama is a favorite for the Big Sky State, or was.

In the article they state some of the stereotypical choices: The Wild West still embraces the criminal element with Orange is the New Black and Narcos.

I think it is going to change for sure for 2017. There are so many new shows out and choices as well. The very thought of watching something is endless now days. The year is coming to an end soon, I am curious what we have been streaming the most in this state.


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