I don't play video games as much as I used to.  But in my teenage years there was nothing like stepping foot inside a video game store!  All the options, the new releases, the upgraded consoles.......the only bad part was the wait to get home to enjoy the new purchase!

Then kids came along and my video game playing took a big hit.  I do still find a little time here and there to play Madden and unwind a bit.  But the game store visits have been replaced by downloading games straight to the console.  And it's that option that has hurt business the physical stores.

The biggest player in video game stores is GameStop.  So it was big news this week when  they announced plans to close up to 200 stores worldwide by the end of the year.  They didn't announce what stores would close their doors - but we have to wonder what the future holds for the GameStop inside Southgate Mall.

It may not seem like a huge number when you consider GameStop has more than 5,700 stores in 14 countries.  But the stores they anticipate closing are in addition to the 195 they've already closed since last year.

Lackluster sales at stores are a result of more and more digital options being available to gamers these days.  In addition to directly downloading titles to the console, there's the ability to download games to mobile devices or computers, and online purchasing options like Amazon.

We'll wait and see the fate of our local GameStop as they announce what stores will be closing.

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