Hey, this would be pretty cool: it looks like Missoula Parks & Recreation are reaching out to the community to get people's input on a potential new community center.

The new community center would be built at McCormick Park, and would be connected to Currents Aquatic Center, acting as a sort of "hub" for downtown Missoula. I think this is a good idea! It's always good to be able to bring the community together, especially now that there's an end in sight for the pandemic, even if we aren't quite there yet.

I think we'd pretty much be there by the time this gets built, though: right now, the community center only exists as an idea. They've got no plans or designs in place, no funding, and they're looking for volunteers to join a group where they can brainstorm what people would want to see in a center like this.

Their aim right now is to hopefully have a design, and an estimation for how much it will cost, by November - and from there, it will have to be approved, construction will have to start, and there's a whole lot of other steps that will need to be taken into account. We're potentially looking at a couple of years down the line when we talk about a community center at McCormick Park.

Still, it's a fun idea, and it would certainly bring more families out and give people more to do in the area. Do you want to see a new community center at McCormick Park?

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