UPDATE: An article in The Missoulian reports the following:

Glacier National Park officials opted not to use a ticketed entry system to control crowds entering the park’s western gates.

“We heard support for a reservation system from community constituents because they know the park is at maximum capacity,” Glacier Superintendent Jeff Mow said on Wednesday. “But there were serious concerns about implementing such a system with such short notice and midway through the visitor season.”

Original story:

So, my family lives all the way over in New York, and this summer they were planning on making the trip out to Montana to hang out for a week. While they were here, we were planning on heading to Glacier National Park - but of course, thanks to COVID-19, that's not exactly happening. So when they cancelled just last week, I resolved to go to Glacier during the week they would have been here anyway, so at least I could send them some photos and show them what they were missing.

I still plan to do that, but I've been a little discouraged just by following the Glacier National Park Twitter feed, which is constantly providing updates about congestion and having to close certain entryways into the park. They've been slammed with thousands of visitors all trying to get in through the same way, since the Eastern Entrances have been closed for the season.

But apparently, there's rumors going around of Glacier switching to a new ticketing system for the remainder of the summer, which is actually a pretty great idea. I know it might mean less people coming to the park a day, but it's a way for people to make reservations for the day they want to go and not be turned away because the parking lot is full.

According to Gina Kurzman, public information officer for Glacier, the new ticketing system is "just an idea right now," but they're talking to local businesses and community members to see what they think about it. Do you think Glacier should switch to a reserve-online ticketing system for the future?

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