This past weekend brought the kind of temperatures we are used to seeing this time of year. With temperatures reaching almost into three digits on Saturday. I figured the best thing for a person to do was to get out on the water and stay cool. Its simple, if the heat starts getting to hot, jump in the water for a minute. No big deal, right? Yet I found myself in the middle of Flathead lake, and the thought of the legend of the Flathead Lake monster kept flowing through my mind. The deeper the water was, the more I thought of something coming up from the depths and nibbling on my toes. So, instead of diving in the water, I went the safe route. I simply dunked my t-shirts in the water every 10 minutes or so, just to keep things nice and cool. Don't judge me.

It must be some childhood fear that has carried into my adult life. I still remember the day a large carp swam by my face while swimming in a recreation area near the Yellowtail Dam. It wasn't that I feared it was a shark, it was having a fish swim close enough to me that I could feel it's fins slap my nose. It tripped me out, but I still fear that a fish may also be capable of biting. Check out the hilarious video of a fish taking a nibble on a dude's nipple.


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