We don't know how secretive this Montana angler is. For example if we asked where it was caught, would he say, "in the water?"

Well, because of the species, we have a pretty good idea. And Colin Cook of Bozeman did say that the upper Missouri River yielded this 128-pound paddlefish recently. They are an amazing species, referred to as a "primitive fish" because they have evolved with few changes since the earliest fossil records from about 120 million ago. Great job and congratulations to Colin.

In Montana hunting news, hunters can now check the results of the 2020 moose, bighorn sheep, bison and mountain goat license drawings to see if they were successful. You can go to the MYFWP webpage and click  "Look up draw results" in the box in the upper left hand corner. You can also call the FWP licensing office to see if you were drawn at 406-444-2950.  If your name was in the hopper, we hope you are all smiles.

In a related note regarding tags, we also want to remind Montana hunters that the deadline for Elk B, Deer B and antelope license drawings is June 1.

And Montana Super Tag chances for the hunt of a lifetime are still on sale. Hunters can win Super Tag drawings at only $5 per ticket for the fall 2020 hunting seasons. Eight Super Tags are offered, one each for moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, elk, deer, antelope, mountain lion and bison. Winners may hunt in any district open to the species for which they win a tag. Super Tags are available at FWP offices, hunting licenses providers and on the FWP website. Proceeds from ticket sales go to enhance hunting access and to enforcement. Purchase deadline is June 30.


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