Do you ever have one of those moments where something happens and you just have to take a minute and think about how crazy it was? I had like three of those moments today - but in a good way. Check out a couple of things that made this day so interesting.

When I was splashing some water on my face and brushing my teeth this morning I looked at my phone to see what the date was. When I saw it was October 19th my first reaction was to associate the day with October 19th of last year. My dad passed last September and October 19th was the day we held a service for him in Nebraska. I gave a little smile as I remembered some details of the day and went about my morning routine as usual.

We play a game on the radio that involves movie titles and guessing they year the movies were released. I was finding some movies to use as the questions and one of them I picked was named Poseidon. I've never seen the movie but when I looked at the name of the character Richard Dreyfuss played - it was my dad's name - Richard Nelson! Whoa! I thought that was a pretty cool coincidence on the anniversary of his funeral.

A couple hours later I received a text and saw it was one of my dad's best friends. I don't know the person well and have only texted with them very little - and not for a long time. There was a couple random letters in the text and it made zero sense to me. I figured it was supposed to be some picture or something that didn't come through correctly on my phone. I actually thought they were writing to mention the significance of what day it was. I wrote back and asked what the text was supposed to be. The reply was that it was an accidental butt-dial that happened while they were out doing some work in the yard. I messaged back and said how ironic that a best friend of my dad, who I haven't talked to in a year, would happen to accidentally text me on this day of all days!

And when I got home I still had some work that I needed to do from my computer for the day. I still have my dad's phone and we use it to play bedtime stories for my daughter when we put her to sleep at night. I'll have to charge it every other day or so. I pushed the button to give it a battery check and it was at 51%. "That's plenty," I thought. Then I tapped the screen on my phone to see what emails I had missed since leaving work - and my phone was also on 51% - I couldn't make this stuff up! The odds are pretty dang low for his and my phone to have the exact same amount of juice!

Photo: TSM
Photo: TSM

I just thought it was pretty wild to have all three of those things happen and wanted to share the craziness with you. I guess 'ol pops was having a little fun with me and making sure I remembered what day it was! Have you ever had any weird/crazy/coincidental stuff like that happen?

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