Anyone got $30 million dollars they want to loan me? Thats all I need to purchase Mel Gibson's "Beartooth Ranch" near Columbus, MT. This ranch holds a special place in my heart. Mostly because Mel Gibsons son tried kicking me off of the Stillwater River, for trespassing. Partly because he didn't know about Montana's water access laws. True story.

There I was, waist deep in the river, fly fishing. That is when a gentleman, who I later found out was Mel's son, pulled up in a new F-150. He proceeded to yell every swear he could, while trying to accuse me of trespassing. I yelled back, in half as many swears, of the stream access law in Montana. He refused to believe it was a thing, and stood on the bank until the Sheriff arrived to inform him of the law. Ahhhhhhh the memories.

Now, the ranch is for sale. If only I could scrounge up the $30 million.

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