All longtime Montana Grizzly fans have their favorites from any and all athletic programs.

Maybe it dumbfounds you at times that that person or team isn't already in the Griz Sports Hall of Fame (I know I have one). Well, here's your chance to let people know who needs to be part of the next induction ceremony!

U of M Sports Information Director Eric Taber tells us today that the University of Montana Athletic Department is once again accepting nominations for not only the Grizzly Sports Hall of Fame, but also the Grizzly Lifetime Honors Award. These are the athletic department's two most prestigious honors. .

You have just over a month to let your voice be heard. The nomination deadline for both awards to be included in the class of 2023 is April 1. We will then celebrate this year's class at the annual induction ceremony in the Adams Center on Friday, October 27. The new honorees will be introduced at the Griz/Northern Colorado football game the next day.

Currently, the Grizzly Sports Hall of Fame is represented by 71 former UM athletes, coaches, and teams. The newer award Lifetime Honors Award currently boasts four members.You can see the plaques listing the accomplishments of the athletes, coaches, and teams inducted in both the Hall of Fame and Lifetime Honors Awards on permanent display in the southeast corner of the "Hall of Champions" located in UM's Adams Center.

To submit your nominations for either or both awards, fill out the forms posted here.

Whatever the sport, accomplishments or dedicated contributions, Up With Montana!

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