Missoula's mayoral race is heating up and now we have a third contender throwing a bit of a monkey wrench into the city election. Or maybe his supporters are just having fun, we can't tell yet. A Missoula resident by the name of Sam Kulla is running a seemingly lighthearted campaign he's calling "Kulla For Missoula."

We were shopping the Hip Strip last weekend and saw the flyer above near the entry of Ear Candy Music. As you can see, the imagery appeals to younger voters, and the mystery of who this third candidate might be is interesting to potentially all voters.

According to the Kulla For Missoula website, Sam Kulla is simply an "overall good dude." The single-page website describes this candidate as a lifelong resident of Missoula, a man who pays rent in Ward 3, works as an online high school teacher with a few side hustles, and is just a regular, everyday Missoulian. He's offered as an alternative to the lack of choice in our mayoral race and supporters are encouraged to write-in his name on their ballots.

We began this election year's race with four candidates; Shawn Knopp, Greg Strandberg, Jacob Elder, and incumbent John Engen. In September's primary election, Missoula voted for Elder and Engen to be on the ballot for this November, you should have received your mail-in ballot in the mail by now. Like I was saying on the air, don't let those expire on the kitchen counter or get lost in your junk mail, election day is November 2nd. Learn more about alternative candidate Sam Kulla here.

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