You've probably already thought about it and thought about it some more - what you're going to do with the extra money you'll see from the coronavirus stimulus checks. Of course, that's assuming you fall within the guidelines and qualify for part of the $2.2 trillion that will be sent out to Americans to help during the pandemic.

I wish there was something exciting that I could do with the money. But because of some x-rays and a surgery to fix a broken ankle for my wife, I know that my stimulus check, tax return, possible bonuses, birthday and Christmas money,  any money found in my pants that haven't been worn forever, and loose change from my couch cushions will all be going to medical bills for the foreseeable future. I know, lame.

Regardless of what your plans are for the money -  save it, spend it, or need it to keep yourself afloat, here's the latest with when you should see it.

The IRS tweeted on Saturday that the first payments have been made into bank accounts for those that qualify.

The IRS says they're issuing payments as fast as they can and they'll continue to make payments to those with direct deposit for the next few days. If you've had your tax returns issued right to your banking account the past few years you'll see the money faster. If not, you'll get a payment by check that could take weeks or longer.

Get more details with payments and further information on who qualifies for stimulus checks with this KPAX story.

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