As of July 1st, Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton has updated their temporary visitor rules, due to an uptick of positive COVID-19 cases in Ravalli and Missoula Counties. The rules for "Inpatient, Outpatient, Medical Clinics and Emergency Room" are listed below:

  • General patients - one visitor or support person allowed at a time per patient.
  • Children receiving care - Parents, guardians or those with power of attorney are allowed.
  • Outpatient Maternity Care - Partners and children are allowed.
  • End-of-life patients - Two immediate family members allowed at a time, including parents, children, siblings and spouse or partner with no age requirements. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  • High-risk patients - Special precautions will be in force. Exceptions will be approved by the hospital's Care Team.
  • In a news release, the hospital officials said, "Our number one priority continues to be maintaining a safe environment for our staff and patients. We recognize that patient caregivers and family support are an essential part of the healing process; therefore certain accommodations in this policy address specific patient needs while limiting the number of people accessing our facilities." Questions? Call Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital at 363-2211 or visit their website.

    The Ravalli County Public Health department reports 20 active COVID-19 cases in the county as of Wednesday afternoon, July 1st. Three people are hospitalized, the others are recovering at home. Contact tracing has led to at least 150 people in the valley who are in 14-day quarantine because of close contact with an infected person. Also, Karyn Johnston of Ravalli County Public Health said there is "community spread" in the valley, meaning cases are being reported that have no confirmed source of the infection. She urges continued use of face masks, 6-foot social distancing, and washing your hands frequently. Questions? Call 375-6672 or visit the Ravalli County website.

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