We are getting excited for the annual celebration of our country's independence. It feels like 4th of July is always the pinnacle of summertime fun. But, it sneaks up on us so quickly each year. Thankfully the communities in the Bitterroot Valley have been working diligently on putting together some spectacular 4th of July celebrations. Everything from raffles, to picnics and even a Skate Jam. And, as expected, multiple options on where to post up for a good old fashioned fireworks display.


Sunday 7/4 Darby will be bustling with activity. Starting with the annual Sacajawea Day from 11am til 3pm. As well as a classic car show and a FREE picnic provided by the local churches. They will not have an official fireworks display, but locals agree that the private fireworks displays from residents of Darby are enough to make your eyes light up.


The Hamilton fireworks display is officially happening this year. The fireworks are scheduled to start at 10:30pm at the fairgrounds, and promise to be a BIG show.

According to the Ravalli Republic

Businesses, groups, clubs and individuals have donated to the fireworks fund this year enabling a $14,000 spectacular show.


Stevensville's celebration is going to be an all day party. Starting with a Skate Jam at the Stevensville skate park at noon. The Skate Jam will feature lunch, giveaways and tons of awesome skate tricks. Stevi is also hosting their annual "PIGNIC," where the BBQ pork is cooked up by Stevensville's Fire Department.

YES! Stevensville will host a fireworks display starting at 10pm


Florence is well known for having a HUGE fireworks show, packed into such a small town. The Florence Volunteer Fire Department puts on a great show every year, and this year will not disappoint. The Florence fireworks display is scheduled to begin at 10:20pm.

For anyone looking to escape the crowds this holiday weekend. Or just looking to take a short drive. Any of these Bitterroot communities will make a great spot for you to celebrate Independence Day.


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