Isn't it amazing how fast perspectives change and how we find ourselves celebrating the mundane more and more?

While it is not impossible to track down, toilet paper has certainly become a hot commodity. Maybe that's commode - ity.

I went into a convenience store and while I was waiting for the change from my purchase, just to make lighthearted conversation, I asked the extremely polite and friendly clerk at the counter how they were dealing with the toilet paper crisis. He said he has some that he keeps back behind the counter with a limit of one 4-pack per customer. And while we're not down to Absolute Zero at home, supply is pretty low, so I told him I'd better take advantage of that while I was there.

He was half apologetic that the quality was so basic, but at least it wasn't marked up in price. Good enough for me!

To the nice folks at Southgate Market on South Avenue right across from the north entrances to Southgate Mall, keep up the good work!

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