We all define "fun" differently. But a national survey with a pile of key metrics gave Montana a pretty good score. Big surprise to you, right?

Our friends at Wallethub are good about passing these kinds of surveys along to us. Analysts compared the 50 states across 22 key metrics, with data setting ranges from movie costs to accessibility of national parks to casinos per capita. And where did Montana land on the Fun O Meter?: Big number 9!

Now, you could look at some of the 8 states ahead of us and think to yourself, "gee, we must really suck if that's the best we could do." Or your glass could be half full and think, "gee, we kicked butt on some big-time states."  So for what it's worth, the 8 states ranked ahead of us are:

1.Nevada   2.South Dakota   3.Colorado   4. North Dakota   5. New York   6. Wyoming        7. Oregon and  8. Louisiana  (Hawaii rounded out the Top 10).

Either way, Montana's fun score got a big bump thanks to categories like restaurants per capita (3rd), movie theaters per capita (2nd), golf courses per capita (4th), casinos per capita (4th), performing arts centers per capita (9th) and access to national parks (3rd).

So, have a fabulous time this summer, Montana, knowing you are part of the Big 10 Fun Bunch! I guess if you go see a movie or a play in a national park then have a bite to eat before you play golf and gamble, you are one super fun Montanan!




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