It's not easy keeping up with the news in 2020. In addition to just trying to stay on top of everything, it seems like every story you read about is so bleak - when we're not dealing with mass shootings or hate crimes, we're dealing with a pandemic and police riots. The endless flow of the news causes a lot of mental stress, and while a lot of people power through and do their part to help where they can, it's also important to remember to look out for your own safety.

Wallethub published a list ranking each state in the US and figured out which state is the safest in the country versus which is the least safe. They ranked the states based on a variety of different factors, including "Personal and Residential Safety," "Financial Safety," "Road Safety," "Workplace Safety," and "Emergency Preparedness."

And, unfortunately, Montana was pretty far down near the bottom of the list, coming in at number 38. So we just missed the bottom 10, but not by much. The least safe state as determined by this study was Mississippi, while the safest turned out to be Maine. Vermont, Minnesota, Utah, and Wyoming rounded out the Top 5.

Are you surprised to see Montana rank so low on this list? What do you think can be done to increase safety in the state and throughout the country as a whole?

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