Do you have any vacation plans coming up?  Since this is my first summer in town I have a lot of exploring to do.  I'll probably take a few days off from work in the next few months and just see the sights of some surrounding areas.  Yep, it might be time for a staycation!

A lot of people are finding things to do closer to home when it comes to entertainment.  Maybe it's the driving distance, staying away from airports and flights, or just don't want to spend the money it takes for a vacation getaway.

WalletHub ranked over 180 cities and put together a list of the top places for a staycation.  Yes, Missoula is on the list........down near the bottom of the list.........but we're on it!

We hold down the #120 spot.  With warm weather and things to do Honolulu, HI and Orlando, FL take the top two positions.

See how Missoula and the rest of the cities were ranked in the different categories HERE.


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