Not trying to throw a trick question at you, but we are referring to the highest-scoring big tree in Montana. Think Boone and Crocket for bark.

Yep, they have their own scoring system, and the Forest Service tells us that the highest-scoring big tree in Montana is a giant red cedar found in Lincoln County. Makes sense. Very few people, lots of room to grow! The tree measures 150 feet tall and is almost 11 feet in diameter, for a "score" of 556.

Now, a close runner-up is also in Lincoln County. It's actually 25 feet taller, but narrower at just under 10 feet in diameter, for a score of 552. It's also important to note that age is not counted in the scoring system, because many of the large old trees have decaying centers, making it very difficult if not impossible to age them. But if you consider reasonably normal growth factored by rings and other measurements, they are definitely senior citizens.

And no, just because it's Valentine's season, you two do not get to go carve your initials inside a heart on them!


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