I love when Thanksgiving rolls around. Sure, because it's a time to spend with family and friends. But also because after Labor Day we work through most of September, all of October, and then through November until we finally get another day off for the holiday. There's been a lot of talk the last couple of days about revisiting the electoral vote system. Maybe it's time we look at the holiday calendar system while we're at it - and make sure there's at least one holiday per month that guarantees us a day off! All in favor?

Thanksgiving is three weeks from today. That just doesn't seem possible! But Turkey Day will be different for a lot of people this year with travel issues, social distancing guidelines, exposure worries, and more. If you plan to stay home and do a little cooking for the holiday, you know the side dishes are just as important to the meal as the turkey is.

Zippia just published a story about the Most Popular Thanksgiving Side In Every State. The good news is Montana has a normal answer - I feel it's a much better pick than our favorite fair food and favorite sandwich results we've seen in stories over the last week.

Photo: Zippia
Photo: Zippia

How did they get the results? Years of studies? Thousands of questionnaires? Scientific findings? Not quite. Winners were based off of Google searches. Montana was one of 10 states to have mashed potatoes as the favorite. I heard a lot about the blue wall in the election these last few days - but look at that map - the blue wall has nothing on the mashed potato fortress that runs along the top of the country!

Check out a breakdown of each state's favorite Thanksgiving side here. I'm already counting down the days until leftovers!

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