Another fun feature to look through on a website travel section listed the "Most Beautiful Place in Every State."

I'm sure this is not going to stun too many Montanans, even though, like all these "very best of" features, there's plenty of wiggle room to argue. But MSN's pick will get plenty of agreement.

The MSN home page Conde Nast Traveler/ Caitlin Morton says in Montana, Glacier National Park is Montana's number one must-visit spot. Caitlin says picking just one in each state is never easy. But with polling help from Facebook followers and other research, if you're "going to the sun," you're going to the top in Montana.

How about our neighbors? Idaho: the Palouse. North Dakota: Teddy Roosevelt National Park. South Dakota: the Badlands. Wyoming: Grand Prismatic Springs in Yellowstone.

There you have it, travel buffs. Enjoy remaining summer/early fall and hit a few hot spots!


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