It seems as though everyone has a different opinion on what should happen to the Merc building downtown Missoula. As everyone knows Mayor Engen believes it would be good to demolish the Merc building and build a multi-story Marriott hotel. His thoughts are that it could drive commerce, life and people to a place that deserves all of that, and more.

It seems as though everytime I am on facebook I see opinions on the other side of the fence, in fact I found a page with close to 1,500 likes titled Save the Merc. The common theme I am finding when looking at the facebook page is that no one wants to give up the history of the Merc. Which I believe is understandable. I'm not so sure there is one right answer for what should come next to this building. Although more public comments will be taken April 7, when the next meeting takes place for the Historic Preservation Committee.

If this whole decision was up to you, what would you like to see happen with the Merc building downtown Missoula?


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