If you looked at a dozen different surveys/reports like this, you'd probably get a dozen different winners.

But I took the bait today on one of those "The Prettiest Town in Each State" compilations that you see on home pages like MSN, and you just can't not look up your state, right?

There wasn't too much detail on the judging criteria, but Bianca Bahamondes on the MSN Lifestyle page, The Daily Meal, gave Montana's nod to......HAMILTON! Way to go, you 'Rooters!

Bianca says, "Although this town is quickly growing in population, you'll still experience its small-town charm. Located in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, Hamilton is surrounded by mountains and forests that are perfect playgrounds for any outdoor activities."

So, props to Hamilton. And since many of us in western Montana are familiar with the Interstate 90 run west toward Seattle, FYI: Bianca chose Wallace as Idaho's prettiest town. Oh, yes, she did.


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