My good friends Mark Ward and Dale Moore went to Holter Reservoir near Helena this week and landed some awesome trout!

And while they were in a boat trolling, these lures of choice could be effective casting from shore as well, in case you're wondering what to offer the trout this time of year. This is a look at their Big 5, trolling at about two miles per hour --- a fairly quick pace, which helped keep the lures in depths of 10-12 feet.

Left to right, the five most successful lures were a Sven Viking Spoon (teal/silver/speckled combo), silver/black minnow Viking Spoon, brown trout Rapala "Scat" lure (its contours better mimic a wounded bait fish), a gold/black Rapala J-7 and a fire tiger Syclops lure.

The guys picked up some nice trout for their efforts and wanted me to pass along some helpful hints that may help you land a few. Of course, knowing these guys, they probably just got lucky! :-)  (Oops, I bet I just lost a chance to be invited next time)



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