Does this handsome guy look familiar? He stars in this week's mystery video. If his face doesn't jog your memory, maybe the location will. Do you think you might know what video we're talking about?

This video still is a clear shot, because the clip came out in 2014. It was a huge hit, even taking home Music Video of the Year at the CMA Awards that year! It was also a turning point for the artist, who started becoming a little more edgy with this record and this single in particular. The video was directed by Wes Edwards and is just as hilarious as the song itself is, starring the artist as himself and in another pretty important role, the video's hero.

It was the third single from this artist's seventh studio album, so clearly he's been around for a while. It's upbeat, fun and easy to find yourself singing along to (or singing along for days — it's definitely an ear worm!). It was a No. 1 hit on the Country Airplay charts and fell within the Top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Did we give it away yet? Click the button below and see if you know which music video this is. Then try your hand at some more trivia and see if you can call yourself a country music video trivia expert!

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