With triple-digit temperatures in the forecast for the coming weekend, we know this list will likely grow quickly.

And while these two rivers are not exactly in the wheelhouse of western Montana anglers, we wanted you to be aware of the first two such fishing restrictions that went into effect on Sunday.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has placed "hoot-owl" restrictions on the Smith River from the confluence of the north and south forks to Eden Bridge south of Great Falls. Also, the Sun River from Highway 287 Bridge to the mouth of Muddy Creek west of Great Falls is currently under those restrictions.

Under hoot-owl restrictions, all fishing is closed from 2:00 p.m. till midnight until conditions improve. FWP's drought policy provides for angling closures when flows drop below critical levels for fish, when water quality is diminished or when maximum water temperatures reach at least 73 degrees for three consecutive days.

Again, we know this list is bound to grow and we will do our best to bring you all the latest updates right here. Stay cool and kind to those fishies, folks!



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