When you think about it, Western Montana has quite a few places to go to get delicious breakfast! There are the ones that always pop into your mind like Cracker Barrel, Uptown Diner, and of course Paul's Pancake Parlor. And all of these choices are amazing, with good food and good service. But if I had to choose my absolute favorite breakfast in the area it would be from a diner outside of Missoula.

One thing is for sure, the breakfast is not exactly healthy for you. But once you bite into the Chicken Fried Steak at River City Grill in Bonner, you don't care that it isn't healthy for you. Every bite of your meal is better than the one before. The gravy is made with lots of sausage which truly sets this breakfast apart from all others.

With so many fantastic places around Western Montana to get good breakfast, which is your favorite?


    Big Sky View of Bonner & Milltown

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