Here's something you can burn 20 minutes of your workday on. It's a simple quiz that doesn't take too much brain power. As long as you know your Montana cities you'll do just fine.

The quiz is from It's self-explanatory. It's an untimed quiz on how many cities you can name. You can select cities in the entire world, continents, countries or states in the United States. It's simple just the way I like my trivia.

How many Montana cities can you name?

Let's hold a friendly competition. Follow the link below, click the United States and in the drop-down select "Montana."


My results: 31 cities


I spent far too much time staring at a computer screen racking my brain on more Montana cities, but finally gave up. City Quiz organizes the cities you selected by a variety of metrics. Biggest cities, smallest cities and rarest cities (rarity is judged on how often it's selected on the quiz). The largest city I selected was the largest in the state and the smallest city has a population of 85.

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My colleague Ashley put me to shame with 54 MT cities.

My superbrained colleague Dennis named 89 MT Cities.

I feel foolish getting only 31...



Villages or census-designated areas don't count. I tried Bonner and it did not count, FYI.

You better not cheat on this quiz but if you racked your brain as far as you can, you can review every city or town in MT below.

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If you want to fall down a rabbit hole you could spend all day taking the U.S. quiz. I've lived in 4 states with lots and lots of travel, so I am HAMMERING the U.S. quiz.

Let us know your results in the comments or message us on our mobile app. We want to know if you can top Dennis' 89 cities.

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