Halloween is this weekend and I know there will be plenty of people spending their Friday or Saturday night watching scary movies. I'll be sitting that one out this year - just like every year. I've never been one for horror movies. Maybe I'll just get an early jump on watching Christmas shows. Nobody will look at me too funny if I fire up Fred Clause or Elf before the calendar hits November, right?

That raises the question of "what is Montana's most popular Halloween movie or TV show?" And since you asked - the folks at Comparitech just did a story on that very subject. Well, they weren't looking specifically at Montana - they threw together some results for every state. It's not exactly scientific research we're talking about here as the findings are based on IMDb trends, but it's still fun to see the differences around the country.

There's some great titles as you look from state to state including Alien, Halloween, Poltergeist, The Shining, Stranger Things, The Conjuring, etc. So what spooky movie or TV show tops the list for Montana? That would be Scream 4. Wait.....what? Scream 4? How in the world is that the leading horror movie that's trending on IMDb? Can someone check and see if the IMDb search results are stuck in the year 2011? I crack up every time I look at the map because we're really the only state with such an out of left field result. Way to keep it weird, Montana.

Photo: Comparitech.com
Photo: Comparitech.com

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