Recently, a few brave souls took on the challenge of finding the best microbrews in each state. I know this sounds like a torturous and tedious task, but these men care so much for others that I’m sure they felt it was their duty to take on this task. A public service really.

Their rankings for each state weren’t based solely on the quality and quantity of the microbrews created in each state, but also on the number of microbrews created proportionate to the size of the state. With all that being said, how did we rank and which brewery got the big nod?

Montana didn’t do too bad, but we also didn’t do as well as I thought we would either. We ranked 23 out of 50 which is in the top half, but I really thought we would end up in the top 10. Oh, well they did have some great things to say about Missoula’s own Big Sky Brewery with of course, Moose Drool as the favorite.

To find out how other states ranked and what to drink when visiting those states check out this article.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of the University of Montana, animal lover and writer.

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