BASE is a Missoula program that helps people with or without disabilities by offering free, accessible programs open for all.

This community center aims to enrich lives through the arts as well as assisting individuals in pursuit of fun, education, employment and interdependence. Some of the ways BASE sets out to achieve these goals include game night, BASEment improv, art classes, all-abilities dance classes and autism support groups.

So, obviously a worthwhile program that enriches lives and lets people be themselves without fear of being judged, right?. But why are we telling you about them here? Well, BASE lost its government funding, and the staff is doing everything it can to raise $50,000. It would be a shame to see a program like this have to close its doors.

BASE is asking local businesses and the general public to donate items or services for a silent auction planned on May 31, at the Warehouse Mall, 725 West Alder, #4, here in Missoula.  And of course they would love to see you place your bids at the auction that day as well.

To find out more about BASE and how you can help, go here. Or you can contact Brenda at 406-207-8382 or email her at

BASE, I'm really glad I got to learn more about you! Long may you run.


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