As we were poking around online we found a top ten list of items that instantly make you feel good. 

We'll often see survey results and think about half of the list is OK and the rest are a stretch.  But this seems like a pretty good list of items.  I can see where every item listed below would increase your mood and make you feel happy.

*a good night's sleep
*when the sun comes out
*going for a walk
*getting a compliment
*finding money in your pocket
*getting a hug
*good weather on the weekend
*sound of birds chirping
*flowers in bloom
*having a snack

We asked for Facebook comments to see what KYSS listeners would add to the list.

Some of the most mentioned items were kids, pets, the beach, grandkids, beer and time to yourself.

Click on the Facebook post above to see all the great comments and answers.

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