Okay, so yesterday I was complaining about having to buy bigger pants.  Now I know why.  I have been craving a McDonalds Big Mac for a while now.  Finally gave in on Saturday.  I was shocked at what I got though.

Big Mac
By: Cate Gillon Collection: Getty Images News

The size of the Big Macs have gotten smaller in my opinion.  I thought the box was smaller when I pulled it out of the sack.  Wow.  What happened?  Has it really been that long since I had a Big Mac?  I know you don't get as many fries in an order as you used to.  Burger King also cut the size of their fries, so you don't get as many for the same amount of money.

I've also noticed that the size of the tuna can has gotten smaller for the same price.  Same with a loaf of bread.  Sure it's still a loaf, but the actual weight of the loaf is lighter.

By: Justin Sullivan Collection: Getty Images News

Bad economy.  That's where it all points.  Prices go up, sizes go down.  But we still have to eat.  Too bad salaries don't keep up with it.  Have you noticed this practice in the stores where you shop, that items are actually smaller and the prices go up ever so slightly so they think we don't notice?

By: Tim Boyle Collection: Getty Images News

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